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French Menu Glossary Premium

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Download the French Menu Glossary Premium Android App to have instant access to 100’s of menu terms you might find on a French menu in Paris and other cities in France. If you’re going to Paris, or anywhere in France, this will help you understand what beautiful food is available on the blackboard café and restaurant menus.Features Included:
- No Ads- 100’s of French Menu Item Translations with Search Feature- Popular Restaurants in Paris with Price Descriptions- Classic Sample of a French Café Menu from Provence- Eating in French Restaurants Guide- French Food and Wine Events Search Feed- Car Finder GPS Tool- Related Photo Search- French Food Blog- Bill/Tip Calculator- Local Deals (US Only)
Get instant access to 100's of common French menu items found in bistros, cafes, restaurants and haute couture dishes in Paris and surrounding arrondisements.
As well as descriptions f popular Paris restaurants and a guide to accepted behaviour in French restaurants and cafes.
The app also includes a common sample cafe menu with pricing as well as a food and wine events search feature which displays events worldwide.
There is a bill calculator to help you calculate le pourboire (tip) and split the bill.
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